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Differences between mutation profile of acral nevi and acral melanoma

27 July 2021

In this recent cohort study, nevi arising on mostly sun-protected acral skin showed a rate of BRAF mutation similar to that of acquired nevi on sun-exposed skin but far higher than that of acral melanoma. These findings are in contrast to the well-characterized mutational landscape of acral melanoma.

Current challenges in access to melanoma care: A multidisciplinary perspective

12 July 2021

According to this article, with the therapeutic landscape continuing to evolve and newer more complex drug therapies soon to be approved, it is important to recognize the many challenges that patients face and attempt to identify tools and policies that will help to improve treatment outcomes for their melanoma.

Melanoma In situ: A critical review and re-evaluation of current excision margin recommendations

12 July 2021

This recent review concludes that until optimal surgical margins can be better defined in a randomized trial setting, ideally controlling for melanoma in situ (MIS) subtype and including correlation with histologic excision margins, techniques such as preliminary border mapping of large, ill-defined lesions and, most importantly, sound clinical judgement will be needed when planning surgical clearance margins for the treatment of MIS.